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Selinunte is considered, rightly, among the most important archaeological basins of the Mediterranean and Europe. Founded during the seventh century by the settlers of Megara Hiblaea, it was the most advanced point westward of the Greek territories in Sicily. Here, for about three centuries, the meeting-clash between Greek and Phoenician Punic civilization took place. Selinunte had developed over the centuries to become the most grandiose of the Hellenistic cities of Sicily, especially for its colossal temples. But in 409 BC, the Segestani, destroyed it with the help of the Carthaginians who profaned the temples and almost exterminated the population. Over the years and centuries, the ancient Selinunte was completely forgotten, and only in the sixteenth century it was identified the site. In the nineteenth century a systematic excavation campaign began. The archaeological area is distinguished in two main areas that of the oriental temples and the acropolis.